Huge Huntsman Spider Leaps Towards Man While He Films It On His Quad

What do you tend to do when you see a spider? Some people will automatically try to squish it, other people will run away in fear. Sure, there are a few people out there who love arachnids, but most people try to avoid them or are outright frightened by them.

If you weren’t frightened by spiders before, then you will likely at least respect them after you see what happened to Metui Tongatua. He was taking a vacation in Queensland when a Huntsman spider appeared on a quad bike. He decided it would be best to take a video of the spider as it wandered up the handle, but that is when the flaw behind his thinking became obvious.

PHOTO: Wikipedia

As the spider started to crawl his direction up the handlebar, he tried to get away but then the spider took a leap in his direction. That is when the true nature of human and spider interaction came through; he screamed!

PHOTO: Instagram / young_eazy_tongatua

If you know anything about Huntsman spiders, you probably know that they are quite large. They also don’t tend to be very threatening. According to Arachnologist Dr. Lizzy Lowe who spoke with LADBible, of Macquarie University, “Huntsmen don’t have very good eyesight. They see light and dark and movement and that’s about all.”

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He continued: “They will never intentionally run towards you because they’re small and not highly venomous. They can bite you, but they won’t do any harm.”

PHOTO: Instagram / young_eazy_tongatua

Although they may be fast, they also tend to get confused quickly and they aren’t very aggressive. Then again, the aggressive nature of the spider was easy to see.

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