“Hummingbird Whisperer” Draws In A Colony Of Over 200 Birds To Her Bird Feeder

There are many different species of birds in nature, and one of these species, in particular, that is quite fascinating is the hummingbird.

They are extremely tiny but they are quite graceful and acrobatic in the air.

For Melanie Barboni, these animals are very much a big part of her life. Barboni has come to be known as the Hummingbird Whisperer for her work with these beautiful winged creatures.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

It all began when she moved into her office and decided to hang a hummingbird feeder outside the window.

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Barboni had always found the birds quite fascinating, citing in the video below that despite their tiny sizes they do have quite the personalities.

Photo: YouTube/UCLA

While she thought it would be nice to watch some hummingbirds, she never imagined that the one feeder would end up creating a whole colony of hummingbirds outside her office.

However, in the span of one year, she managed to get the colony of hummingbirds to roughly 200!

Photo: YouTube/UCLA

Barboni has named about 50 of them so far, and she is able to recognize which ones are which.

Watch the video below:

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