Watch Half A Billion Monarch Butterflies Take Flight

Every year when the weather gets colder, many people will make the trip from the far north and land somewhere in the south. Those people are trying to escape the cold weather and snow that will blanket the frozen north for months during the winter.

As it turns out, it isn’t only humans who are coming south for the winter, many animals and birds do the same thing. They have the same goal, of getting out of the cold weather and making that trip that their ancestors have made for thousands of years.

Even butterflies fly south, such as the Monarch Butterfly.

Every year, Monarch butterflies make the trip from the cold northern areas, with some coming from as far away as Canada and they are heading for warmer weather. In fact, hundreds of millions of those Monarch butterflies descend to a small area of forest in Mexico, and they do it every year.

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Nobody knows how these little flying insects make it to that exact location after flying for thousands of miles, but they do it with pinpoint accuracy.

The area in Mexico where the Monarch butterflies go was a well-kept secret for many years, but now, there are some people who visit regularly.

In the video below, a tiny drone that looks like a hummingbird captures the magical moment when those butterflies take to flight by the millions.

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