How Large is the Ocean?

Sure, we all know the ocean is a big place, but trying to visualize just how massive this incredible body of water is can be a little difficult. Think about where you live. Your home. Your city. Your state. Your country. Your continent. Then consider that there are six other continents. That’s a lot of land, right?

Well, then try wrapping your head around the fact that all that land? It only covers 29% of the surface of the earth. The other 71% is occupied by water– 360 million square kilometers of water, to be more specific. But don’t forget to consider the volume. Currently, the ocean (comprised of 5 basins– Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic, and Southern) holds more than 1.3 billion cubic kilometers of water. Crazy, right?

Let this informative TED-Ed video by Scott Gass help you imagine it. Learn something new today while reaffirming the shared influence the ocean has on humans, and vice versa. Take a look!

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