January 2020 Was The Hottest In Recorded History

If you don’t think climate change is a big deal, think again. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has confirmed that this January has been the hottest one in recorded history!

That’s a little scary, not going to lie.

The January temperatures of both land and ocean surfaces were the highest they have ever been in NOAA’s 141 years of climate records – it even surpassed the 20th century’s 53.6 degrees Fahrenheit average, by a whole 2.05 degrees Fahrenheit! This is solid evidence that the unsettling trend of rising temperatures and breaking records is a continuing steady growth since 2016.

Russia and Scandinavia along with the eastern portion of Canada had some of the most dramatic warm weather conditions in January – something very unusual for that part of the world during that particular time of year. On the other hand, Alaska and Western Canada both reported cooler than normal temperatures.

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Added to this is the fact that the Arctic glaciers are disappearing at a rapid rate. A research station in Antarctica has reported that the temperatures in Antarctica had reached 64 degrees Fahrenheit.

Photo: NOAA

As the University of Illinois climate scientist Don Wuebbles said in regards to the hottest January succeeding the second-hottest year on record, it “is one of those indications that things are warming dramatically.”

In other words, there is no more room for deniability – climate change is real. The facts are right there!

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