Svalbard Global Seed Vault In Norway Recorded The Hottest Day Ever

In Norway, there is a very secure vault in the earth that is there to help mankind. More than 1 million seeds are housed in the Arctic Mountain, there to help the earth continue to be fed in the event of an emergency. It was thought to be the perfect place to store those seeds, but now there is a threat that is bigger: rising temperatures.

According to a report from Life in Norway, the hottest temperature on record was recorded at the Svalbard archipelago on July 25, 2020. The temperature soared to 71°F, which beat out the old record, set in 1979, by almost a degree. That temperature is amazing, considering that the islands are some 700 miles south of the North Pole.

Climate change could be disastrous to the seed vault. As a reserve for the crops around the world, in the event of a war or other catastrophe, it needs to stay in good condition. It was there but wasn’t used until the Syrian civil war in 2015. It exists to fulfill a mission, so being destroyed by warmer temperatures is not an option.

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The permafrost that helps to protect the seeds that are buried within the mountain is what is actually in danger. In 2016, warm temperatures melted the permafrost and flooded the facility. It’s nice to report that seed samples were not damaged at that time.

Renovations have taken place since the flood occurred, but the last high temperature shows that climate change is going to be an ongoing problem. Temperatures are rising around the world, making the vault an even more important part of our heritage.

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