Single Honey Badger Easily Fights Off 3 Big Cats In Viral Video

There is a famous saying that most of us are all probably familiar with – There is strength in numbers.

While that’s true in most cases, one can never be sure of the odds when it comes to an encounter out in the wild. Even the strong can be defeated if they are met with a tenacious foe.

PHOTO: Unsplash/David Clode

One such battle was caught on video showing a single honey badger fighting against three big leopards. One might think that the battle’s winner would be a no-brainer – what with three dangerous predators fighting against a small singular animal, but you’d be surprised once you watch the video.

Posted originally on TikTok, the video has accumulated almost 33 million views and it has been reposted on Reddit with its own significant number of upvotes.

PHOTO: TikTok/latestsightings

The honey badger’s name may sound sweet, but they’re not a species that can be considered docile. They got their name from their fondness for feeding on honey and honeybee larvae, but they also hunt insects, reptiles, and other mammals, as well as berries and fruits. They look cute on the outside, but they’re extremely feisty.

These small to medium-sized mammals are opportunistic creatures and are not afraid to fight much larger animals to steal their food or if provoked. They have long claws and super sharp teeth that make them able to hunt for one of their known prey, the mighty tortoise.

PHOTO: Unsplash/Jonathan Gensicke

You might notice that the honey badger looks a bit like the common skunk, and it’s because their species are related. And like the skunk, honey badgers are also capable of releasing a stinky liquid to mark their territory or as a defense mechanism if they feel threatened.

In the comments on the viral video, a user commented another fun fact about the honey badger.

“Fun fact: Honey badgers are incapable of fear.”

And the viral video might just prove the fun fact to be true. Watch it below.


Honey Badger walks off like a boss after defeating 3 leopards! 🤯

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