Photographer Creates Entire Hobbit House For A Family Of Mice

Most people who see mice in their garden and immediately start thinking about how to get the rodents to leave their premises. But not everyone thinks like this.

Simon Dell is a photographer who likes to build entire villages for his rodent guests, and we can’t get enough of these cute creations.

Previously, Dell had built a whole miniature log cabin for the family of mice that reside in his Sheffield garden.

Photo: Facebook/George the Mouse in a log pile house[caption]

He wanted something to keep them safe and warm that was also cute to look at. But then as time went on, Dell decided to get creative again and build something extremely adorable for his rodent friends.

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That is how an entire mouse-sized hobbit village came to be. But that wasn’t the end of the sweet scene. He also took plenty of pictures to capture how adorable the little mice looked in their new Tolkien-inspired abode.

Photo: YouTube/George Mouse

Photo: YouTube/George Mouse

Based on the photos that Dell captured, it’s safe to say that George the mouse and the rest of his rodent family really enjoyed their hobbit village.

We just can’t get over how adorable Dell’s work turned out!

Check out the video below:

What do you think of the hobbit village for mice? Would you ever create something like this for your back garden? Let us know!

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