This Encounter With An Enormous Hippo Is Too Close For Comfort

When this hippo sees a speedboat in his lake, he charges full speed ahead! Despite their webbed feet and their aquatic lifestyle, hippos are not known to be the greatest swimmers.

Even though they tend to enjoy shallow water lounging, a hippo will charge a target to protect its territory if it feels that it is in danger of being threatened.

In a full-on charge, an adult hippo can reach up 30 miles per hour! Combining their top speed with their enormous girth, roughy weighing up to 4,000 pounds, they are an unstoppable force when provoked!

It’s best to leave these creatures be — they sure can be dangerous!

Thankfully and most importantly, the hippo was not injured or in any danger and the boaters got away with a pretty fierce warning from Mr. Hippo. I bet they won’t going back to Mr. Hippo’s territory anymore!

Catch the incredible footage of this fast-swimming hippo’s amazing stunt.

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