One Million Compelling Reasons Hermit Crabs Should Not Be Filmed In HD!

Each year in early August, millions of soldier crabs, more familiarly known as hermit crabs, swarm together in a mass migration near Nanny Point, on the coast of Saint John, Virgin Islands. This is known as the The Great Hermit Crab Migration, where the hermit crabs will march from the wet inland forests of Saint John to the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The hermit crabs make the mighty trip for mating season — the females will lay their eggs to be fertilized and after a week, they all retreat back to the wetland forests.

Photographer Steve Simonsen was lucky enough to capture some rare and incredible footage of the hermit crab migration. His video proves that this event is one of the most amazing crustacean migrations on the planet!

Be amazed by the hermit crab swarm — watch the video below!

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