You’ve Seen The Cove — It’s Time to Take Action!

It is a bad time to be a cetacean in Japan. Not only does the Japanese government intend to reinstate sanctioned whaling despite the recent UN ban — they also openly condone the mass slaughter of bottlenose dolphins that occurs each year at the infamous Taiji Cove, calling it “traditional fishing.”

However, dolphins aren’t fish. And it turns out their bodies are full of neurotoxic mercury, which makes consuming dolphin-meat incredibly dangerous — almost as dangerous as being a dolphin in the polluted waters off the Japanese coast.

Additionally, some cetologists have theorized that dolphins are intellectually superior to humans, and that our understanding of intelligence is simply inhibited by our culturally-specific definition of the term — just because we have created the tools to capture and murder a peaceful species, does that make us more intelligent?

The Japanese government and the people of Taiji have no excuse for their participation in this six-month-long annual massacre. The thousands of bottlenose dolphins that are driven into the Taiji Cove each year, their health already at risk because of human activity, deserve to be protected and treated, not captured and killed. It’s time to end this senseless slaughter!

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