Watching This Lizard Do Something That Seems Physically Impossible Is Just Awesome

Sometimes in the wild, animals have the ability to do things that seem (and most of the time are) impossible for humans to even think about achieving.

The rhinoceros beetle can lift close to 850 times its body weight, which would be the equivalent of a person lifting 65 tons. The scarlett jellyfish can restart its own lifecycle, basically reverse aging itself whenever it gets a serious injury.

And the basilisk lizard can do something people have said is physically impossible.

The basilisk lizard has one of the most unique abilities in all of the Amazon; by pedaling its long, flat feet, this lightweight reptile can run across water surfaces at incredible speeds.

Sometimes people have even called this creature the “Jesus lizard” because of this incredible ability.

Check out the video below to see this amazing “superpower” in action!

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