Hawaii’s Peaks Are Covered In Snow Following Massive Storm

When most of us think about Hawaii, we think about a tropical paradise and we wouldn’t be far off base.

There is a lot to enjoy in Hawaii that requires you to wear a shirt and flip-flops, but that doesn’t include going to the top of the highest peaks.

Thanks to a storm that moved through the area, the summit of some of the highest peaks in Hawaii are now covered in snow. This includes Mauna Kea, and pictures and videos shared on Twitter show there were several inches of snow in the area.

Paradise Helicopters shared some footage on Twitter of the snowy peaks and it’s really something special:

This may seem like something unusual but in reality, it snows in Hawaii on occasion.

According to the National Weather Service, it isn’t out of the ordinary for it to happen. In fact, the highest peaks on the island may get some snow every year.

What might even surprise you is that there is enough to go skiing on the slopes of Hawaii in some cases. It’s a rare treat for those who love to ski.

Last year, Hawaii received a blizzard warning, according to ABC News. It was the first time that such a warning was given in the State since 2019.

If you plan on visiting Hawaii for some fun in the sun, the sunshine and warm temperatures will still be there. If you want to see the snow, you have to go up.

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