If You Really Think About It, Have You Ever Seen A Flamingo Fly?

The vast majority of the time, people only see flamingos wading through the shallows, standing on one foot, or doing group dances to attract some females. Very rarely do we get to see them in flight; and yes, they really do actually fly!

Although flamingos spend most of their time wading, sifting through the water for food, they are also quite adept flyers — they can reach airborne speeds of over thirty-five miles an hour! They are also excellent swimmers, and spend several hours a day with their bill stuck underwater in feeding-mode.

Even if you try really hard to think about a time where you saw a flamingo flying, it’s probably very difficult. But thanks to this incredible piece of video footage, everyone can finally enjoy these awesome pink birds in the air.

Have a look at the video below to learn more about these beautiful birds!

Those long legs still look pretty goofy while flying though…

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