Artist Hand-Carves Leaves To Create Beautiful And Detailed Nature Scenes

Most of us remember making leaf art at the start of autumn in school. This was probably simple things like tracing stencils of leaves on paper and then coloring them in. Or, when we were really young, we might have used actual fall leaves to glue onto wreaths or pictures.

But one Japanese artist has taken it one step further when he created stunning art using real leaves. These are definitely not any childhood art projects from school. Instead, they’re highly detailed and complex designs.

The artist is simply known as lito_leafart on Instagram, where he showcases his works of art. And they are truly incredible! He takes great care in his carvings, as his works are very detailed scenes made out of the leaf’s green surfaces.

And his scenes depict anything. Each varies from different little characters in a grocery store to penguins and turtles. His creations, besides being impressively handcrafted, are also full of creativity and imagination.

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Each one of his designs tells a fleeting story that can be held in your hand, if even for a little while. The artist photographs his leaf designs under the sun in order to capture their full glory.

Even though the leaf will eventually wilt and shrivel up, his page on Instagram continues to grow. He makes one leaf art per day. As someone who has ADHD, he uses his leaf art as a means of keeping himself calm and focused.

Check out some of our favorite designs of his below:

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