Man Has Been Sporting Half A Beard For More Than A Year To Save The Rainforests

It has been alarming, to say the least, to watch the Amazon burning. Tens of thousands of fires have cropped up recently and it has been making things difficult to put out the infernos that are still going.

One man is taking matters into his own hands to do something about it. In order to raise awareness for the burning Amazon rainforests and the destruction of rainforests worldwide, one man grabbed a razor.

For more than a year, James Stanton-Cooke has been walking around with only half a beard. The reason? He wants people to remember that 50% of the rainforests that are now burning or already destroyed.

James is an activist that goes by the social media name, ‘Jimmy Halfcut’. He visited South America in 2011 with Jessica Clarke and saw just how much of the landscape had been wiped out.

James talked to LADbible about the issue, saying: “We were at a loss. It felt too big of an issue to tackle and to even start the process felt almost impossible.

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“Most people get it when they see the destruction, but the issue becomes the elephant in the room, we know it’s happening we know why it is happening, but how do we stop it?

“When we came back to Australia we realized the issues were just as bad if not worse here in Australia.

“Australia is the youngest country to be colonized and the only developed country in the top 11 countries for deforestation globally with the main cause of deforestation being animal agriculture.”

James wanted to make a statement without sounding like he was preaching from a pulpit.

“We wanted to create a visual disruption for people to ask, ‘why half a beard, did you lose a bet mate’, allowing us to have a conversation about conservation,” he tells us. “Explaining the visual metaphor that now more than 50 percent for the world’s forests are destroyed and 50 percent of plant species are extinct.”

The ecosystem can not care for itself so he is raising money on its behalf.

James says that 98.8% of the money he raises goes directly to The Rainforest Trust ‘Saving Indigenous Land in The Amazon’ campaign. That organization is focused on the western half of the Amazon basin. Stripe gets the other 1.2% to cover his credit card fees.

It may seem like a small gesture but things such as this do help to save the planet. James would also like others to join his movement by shaving off half of their beard or hair.

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