Hail Yes! You Can Hear the Soft Rustle of Millions of Monarchs in Flight!

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In this democratic age, royalty no longer rule the United States and Mexico, but there is one monarch both countries recognize: Monarch butterflies. Monarchs that spend summers in the Eastern U.S. enjoy dual citizenship: over-wintering in Mexico then heading north and east through the Great Plains, where future generations feed and breed in summertime. Now monarch numbers are diminishing, and vital action is needed on both sides of the border if this delicate, determined creature is to survive.

For decades, a battle has waged against over-harvesting native oyamel fir forests in Mexico’s Michoacan state, where monarchs harbor from winter’s cold. Vast tracts are deforested to provide much-needed firewood for cooking and heating, or for furniture, buildings and tourist knickknacks.

Forests for Monarchs, one of Greater Good’s charitable partners, planted over 6 million trees to re-green acres of eroding, clear-cut mountainsides which help monarchs and add alternative jobs to the timber industry – plus sequester tons of carbon from the atmosphere. We spotlighted them in April 2014 and supporters like you gave them more than 159,000 daily clicks on our website so that over 1,500 trees were planted in time for Arbor Day!

You can do something positive for our global climate, reduce pollution and give the monarchs a boost so sights like this “cascade of monarchs” will continue to astound us royally! Give a Gift That Gives More – Save Monarch Butterfly Habitat! 

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Lisa Powers writes and photographs for GreaterGood, is the proud dog-mama of Alaskan huskies, Ginger and Shiloh, and a self-proclaimed nature nerd. She recently moved back to her home state of Michigan after seven years on The Last Frontier, where she worked at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and wrestled birch bark off of firewood.
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