Viral Video Shows A ‘Goliath Sea Creature’ Eating An Entire Shark

Most of us enjoy some time out of the water when we have the opportunity to do it. Of course, when we see something that terrifies us out on the water, we suddenly realize just how vulnerable we are.

Perhaps that is how a fishing boat crew felt when they watched a grouper come up and eat a shark right in front of their face.

It was definitely a terrifying moment, but it is also something they managed to capture on video.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

It happened when the crew sailed out from Goodman, Florida. John Brossard and his crew caught a black nose shark, but it seems as if they weren’t the only ones who had the shark on the line.

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Suddenly, some Goliath groupers showed up on the scene and they were hanging out under the boat. They were not there to enjoy the view, they were waiting for the shark to come within their reach.

Photo: YouTube/ClickHeart TV

You can watch it happen for yourself in the video when one of the groupers actually came up out of the water to grab the shark. Suddenly, the line was snapped and the shark disappeared into the bottom of the ocean with the Goliath groupers following.

The shark was about 3 feet long but the grouper weighed about 500 pounds! According to Daily Mail, the captain said that they were shark fishing when those Goliath groupers showed up. They were just thinking how unbelievable it was, and how the groupers are actually bigger than a shark.

Photo: YouTube/ClickHeart TV

Even though they knew that the groupers could be aggressive, they were surprised with how aggressively it grabbed the shark and broke the line. Considering the fact that it was a 50-pound test line, it really was a feat of strength.

We don’t often get the opportunity to see what takes place under the water of the ocean. When we do see something like this, it makes us realize that it is life or death for those sea creatures every day.

According to Brossard, the water is dirty in the Everglades and you don’t get to see things like this all that often. Then again, between sharks, crocodiles, pythons, alligators, and manatees, it’s a place that is unlike any other.

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