These Grizzlies Have A Hilariously Unique Way To Fish for Salmon

Of all the animals in the world, bears are some of the most loveable and dangerous ones around. The difference between Yogi bear and a real live grizzly is about as big as it can get, and yet they still seem similar somehow.

These giant creatures can reach upwards of nine feet in height when they are standing up, and average around 600 pounds when they are full grown.

But when they go to try and find some fresh fish to eat, their immense size can sometimes make things a little bit tricky.

Grizzly bears love a nice, fresh salmon — but sometimes it takes some work to catch one, particularly for this bear who is sitting in the middle of a river.

Usually, grizzlies go for the “prance, pounce, and pin” method, which is sometimes effective and almost always ridiculous looking.

In the video, this grizzly has some nice moves, but all he ends up with is a fancy new camera — check it out below.

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