Huge Great White Shark Gets Up Close And Personal With A Family Of 5

One of the concerns that many people have when swimming in the ocean is being attacked by a shark.

Statistics show that it is often a concern that is unfounded, but a family on a boat near Cape Cod, Massachusetts would like to weigh in.

The family was visiting Cape Cod from Iowa and they charted a fishing boat to go out and catch some lobster.

Photo: flickr/Phillip Capper

That is when they captured footage of the 15-foot shark swimming just feet from their boat, creating some concerns over the possibility of ever getting in the water.

A passenger can be heard shouting in the video about how huge the shark was. They posted the video on Facebook, giving us all the opportunity to shudder over just what may be under the surface of the water.

Photo: Facebook/Billingsgate Charters

The owner of the boating Company, David Stamatis, gave them an up-close and personal look at the great white.

According to, he wanted to give the family their money’s worth for the trip. He said: “Not only did they catch a bunch of fish and lobster for dinner – this was an unbelievable bonus.”

Photo: Facebook/Billingsgate Charters

At the time when they spotted the shark, they were in about 60 feet of water and 4 miles off the coast of Wellfleet.

The boat captain spoke about the occurrence with, saying: “This is a majestic, beautiful, massive animal and to see it up close like that, for those folks it’s a once in a lifetime event.” He added: “Whether you like them or not, you have to respect them. You could be the next check off his meal list.”

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