Watch Orlando Bloom Paddleboard With A Great White In Malibu

Orlando Bloom recently shared footage of a paddleboarding trip on the Malibu coast with Carlos G, an experienced paddleboarder, photographer, and shark enthusiast.

The pair paddled out into the clear, blue-green waters to not only soak up the beautiful sights but also to interact with the apex predator itself, a Great White.

“I’ve filmed many white shark & human encounters from above,” Carlos later wrote on his Instagram account, @themalibuartist. “The common characteristic I see in encounters is that both the humans and sharks are rather curious.”

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

In the video, both men can be seen calmly gliding through the waters while the drone videos from above. In the shadow of the water, just below the surface, a juvenile great white can be seen swimming between them, circling.

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“The opportunity to share some of my knowledge with Orlando, knowledge I’ve gained from the many scientists I’ve been fortunate enough to talk to and work with, was a highlight of my day,” the post continued.

While Bloom has no doubt seen his fair share of strange sights at sea thanks to his role as Will Turner in the Pirates of the Caribbean films, this moment was entirely real, and not movie magic.

For his part, Bloom shared that out on the water with the sharks, “fear becomes your friend.”

While the experience was no doubt entertaining and unusual, Bloom also used it as a call to action, following his post about the great white with a note about Ocean Conservancy’s 2021 International Coastal Cleanup initiative. He wrote, “The beauty of the ocean is indefinable. We’re lucky to enjoy such a magnificent part of our planet, which is why it’s up to us to care and protect it.”

Since 1986, the Ocean Conservancy has rallied volunteers to clean beaches and coastlines to stop the flow of plastics into the ocean “at its source.”

Learn more about the International Coastal Cleanup project and how you can help this month by visiting the Ocean Conservancy’s page here!

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