Mother Gorilla Shares Touching Moment With A Human Baby At The Zoo

Motherhood knows no bounds and often fades the line between different species. Some mothers will go as far as to raise a baby of another species because their instincts to protect and nurture the young is so strong.

Parenthood is something that all species have in common and it gives us, humans, a way to better connect with animals which can be a beautiful thing.

One such moment happened recently at the Franklin Park Zoo in Massachusetts. Emmelina Austin was visiting the gorilla enclosure with her 5-week-old son, Canyon, when the sweetest thing happened. A mother gorilla in the enclosure came over to see her baby!

Photo: YouTube/
Michael Austin

The touching moment was caught on camera and uploaded to YouTube where it quickly went viral and received over 1 million views.

In the caption, Emmelina’s husband, Michael, wrote, “This gorilla is Kiki. She recently had a baby named Pablo. My wife, Emmelina, also had a baby 5 weeks previous to this video. Kiki had brought her baby over to us and shared a connection with my wife and our baby boy Canyon. We hope you enjoy the video.”

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The mother gorilla, named Kiki, had recently given birth to her baby, Pablo. The zoo shared photos of the adorable duo on social media and the love that Kiki has for her baby is so evident.

Photo: Facebook/Franklin Park Zoo

As a new mom, it seems Kiki a sweet spot for babies and she instantly hit it off with little Canyon. In the video, you can see her crouching near the glass divider where Canyon is and gently tapping the glass. She even gets her own baby and brings him over to say hello!

It’s as if Kiki is trying to share a genuine mother-to-mother connection with Emmaline and her son, which is so sweet.

In an interview with News Centre Maine, Emmelina said, “Her face was just so in love. She was showing her baby my baby. I was just in awe. Trying to pet his face through the glass, and trying to hold his hand … just the most beautiful thing. You could see the emotion in her eyes.”

Photo: YouTube/
Michael Austin

She further added, “When I walked into the zoo that day, I never could’ve imagined that we’d have this experience. It was so beautiful and we walked out over the moon. And we had so many people stop us and tell us that was the most beautiful thing we’ve ever watched.

Watch the sweet moment for yourself in the video below:

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