Man Shares The Sound Of His Tiny Pet Goose Running Across Different Surfaces

Like many animal lovers, Caleb Kraft has a soft spot in his heart for all sorts of furry creatures.

Unlike most people, however, he was not content to merely get a cat or a dog for a pet. Instead, he opted to get a few geese and some goats.

When he was first introduced to his pal Lucy, who happens to be a pet gosling, he knew that he was going to have to put in the proper level of time and effort.

Photo: Instagram/goatcuddles
Photo: Instagram/goatcuddles

You cannot have a goose in your life without taking the time to properly engage with them. Otherwise, your relationship with them is not going to be as awesome as the one that these two have built.

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Caleb spent lots of time bonding with her because he wanted her to be able to associate with other humans.

Photo: Instagram/goatcuddles

Caleb wanted to be sure that he wouldn’t be mean to any other animals or any fellow humans. The efforts that he has made are crucial to her development, and now, he is able to reap all of the benefits.

Now that Caleb has spent so much time with her, these two are thick as thieves. Everywhere he goes, she is sure to follow. They are the very best of friends!

Since they spend so much time hanging out together now, Caleb has picked up an interesting little nugget about his new pal. Her feet make very interesting (and adorable) noises when she walks across different surfaces.

He dubbed them her “flipper flopper feet” and he noticed that they make a hilarious noise, especially when she is trying her best to sprint.

Caleb has the pet goose walk on concrete, tile, hardwood, concrete, and deck material. The differences are hard to explain and you are going to need to walk the clips for yourself.

Check out the adorable video below:

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