Goldmine Workers Rescue An Orphaned Polar Bear

When you are searching for gold, you tend to be focused on the task at hand.

When something little happens, the desire is to avoid distractions, but according to The Siberian Times, some gold miners got a surprise they weren’t expecting.

It seems as if those miners found a polar bear cub that was orphaned, starving, and trying desperately to survive. They were working in the remote Russian aisle of Bolshevik when the bear cub came over to get some food.

Photo: YouTube/The Siberian Times

Since the miners cared for the bear and saved her from dying, she became tame and began hanging out with them more often.

In Russia, as is the case in many parts of the world, feeding endangered polar bears is strictly prohibited. When you feed a bear, they lose their ability to find food on their own.

Photo: YouTube/The Siberian Times

The miners, however, said that the bear was behaving “like a dog” and they didn’t want her to starve.

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Photo: YouTube/The Siberian Times

It took some time, but eventually, they knew that there could be danger because she was growing. They wanted to ensure that the cub was safe, so they gave her a proper rescue and contacted the authorities when they return to the mainland.

The cub was then picked up and taken to the Royev Ruchei Zoo in Krasnoyarslk, where she found her new home.

Photo: Facebook/Московский зоопарк/Moscow Zoo

The zoo shared a photo of their new guest on Facebook enjoying a pool and he looks quite comfortable.

What could’ve ended as a tragedy is now a successful rescue story thanks to the work of the gold miners and the zoo.

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