Goat Casually Strolls Through A Village On Its Hind Legs Like A Human

There are plenty of villagers in India that are still wondering what they saw after a goat came walking through the village on its hind legs.

Triangle News posted the 24-second video that shows the goat walking upright for about 33 feet. It occurred in Telwara, Bihar, and I think people are still wondering exactly what they witnessed. Even people from neighboring villages were amazed at what this goat was able to do.

Indian goats, of course, walk on all four legs, but it seems as if this local goat was taught by people in the area so that he could take on that unusual posture and walk around with them.

Photo: YouTube / KLH100

There are other goats who have also been able to master walking on their two hind legs. This includes a goat in Begusarai, India, that learned to walk on its hind legs after becoming paralyzed. There is also a Chinese goat that was born without hind legs that can walk and even run on its front hooves.

Check out the video below:

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