The Most Important Thing to Remember When Watching This Video: Keep Breathing!

Mountain goats are the most sure-footed creatures on the planet. Their sharp hooves allow them to easily scale cliffs and mountainsides – but hooves aren’t much use when they need to cross a treacherous mountain river.

It’s springtime in the Rocky Mountains and the snowcapped peaks are melting fast. Billions of of gallons of water now flow downward and into the rivers, blocking a family of mountain goats to their destination. The experienced older goats can cross river rapids with ease, but for a mountain kid, traversing whitecaps can be a frightful endeavor. With the support of its family and some impressive valor, the mountain goat kid musters up the energy and bravery to face its biggest challenge yet.

Watch the video to see a brave young mountain goat crossing his very first river below. You might want to brace yourself… it’s a bumpy ride.

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