Goats Took Over The Empty Streets Of A Seaside Town That’s On Coronavirus Lockdown

The goats are coming!

In the face of a global pandemic, one Welsh town also had to contend with an invasion of goats who took over the abandoned streets of the seaside town of Llandudno. Based off the video footage, they were really living the high life.

The goats were from the herd of approximately 120 kashmiri goats. And according to the BBC, the goats will only really wander down into the town from the neighboring Great Orme headland during storms. However, given the deserted streets, the goats decided to venture down for some fun and were caught nibbling people’s hedges and front gardens.

A town councilor, Carol Marubbi, shared with the BBC, “They are curious, goats are, and I think they are wondering what’s going on like everybody else.”

As Marubbi further stated, a lot of the locals were entertained by the goats and got a kick out of the “free entertainment” from their windows. It’s truly the little things that we learn to enjoy during a pandemic, isn’t it?


“There isn’t anyone else around so they probably decided they may as well take over,” she added.

Andrew Stuart, who works for the Manchester Evening News, added to his Twitter bio the role of “goat correspondent” after he took various videos and pictures – most of which went viral.

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Stuart started a very long tweet thread that kept people online entertained as he showed the havoc that the goats were wrecking in town – from snacking on lawns to breaking social distancing protocol. Stuart admitted that when the gang initially rocked up in town he called the cops on them.

Apparently, the goats have seemed to set up shop in the town, which has been providing the house-bound residents with plenty of entertainment, and by extension, the rest of the world through the help of social media.


In fact, one of the local hotels, the Landsdowne House Llandudno, stated that unfortunately it had no other guests on its premises except for the goats who “expect to stay and eat for free!”

The hotel followed up by saying, “At least they use the parking white lines to respect 2m Social Distancing!”

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