WATCH: The Largest Glacier Breakup Ever Recorded on Film

Back in 2008, film documentarians Adam LeWinter and Jeff Orlowski captured video footage of the largest glacier “calving” on film — which is the breaking off and shifting of large chunks of ice — and it’s quite a spectacular sight.

The entire calving lasted for over an hour, and the glacier retreated an entire mile!

The Arctic Ocean is one of the few remaining ecosystems essentially untouched by large-scale industrial activity. It supports vibrant local communities, whose residents have depended on the ocean for millennia, and it is home to majestic animals like bowhead whales, polar bears, walrus, and ice seals.

But the region is beginning to become increasingly threatened by human industrial activities from other places on the globe. Climate change is causing the Arctic region to warm faster than anywhere else on earth, and factors like low salinity make it especially susceptible to ocean acidification.

Receding sea ice increases the region’s vulnerability to shipping, oil and gas drilling, and other industrial activities that bring with them pollution and the risk of a major oil spill.

To see what happens when the climate warms enough to melt some of the largest glaciers in the world, check out the footage below.

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