Girl Saves Chipmunk From Drowning In Kiddie Pool

It was one chipmunk’s lucky day when Krissy saved the little rodent form a near drowning fate. The baby chipmunk was found by the woman inside a paddling pool in the backyard of her Milford, Pennsylvania.

At first, the small chipmunk was mistaken for a little duckling. But once she realized it was a chipmunk, Krissy panicked, afraid for the tiny animal’s well-being.

She immediately scooped it out of the kiddie pool, worried that it might be too late.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

As she explained to The Dodo, “I saw that there was something in the kiddie pool and I was like, ‘I have to save him right now.’ I couldn’t tell at first that it was a chipmunk because he was so saturated with water.”

“Luckily, he was alive,” Krissy added.

Not wanting to waste time in saving him, Krissy immediately fished him out of the pool and got him wrapped up in a towel in order to get him to warm and dry.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

She dried him off as best she could, and in the process, she discovered something extraordinary. Krissy stated that it was as though the young animal knew what she was doing.

She said, “You could tell that he knew I was saving him and that he knew I meant no harm to him.”

Once all dry, Krissy continued to keep him toasty warm by creating a little shelter for him inside a box. She called a local wildlife organization in order to find out further information on what she’d need to do to make sure he survived.

Photo: flickr/Audrey

The wildlife rescue told Krissy that she should give the little chipmunk some food and water in order to help him increase his energy levels and get him back to his strength. She left out some duck food for him, and for a while, it seemed like the little rodent was doing well. But then he took a turn. He’d gone into shock.

“He started being super shaky, he seemed like he was in shock. For a while, he couldn’t move. I was definitely nervous,” Krissy recalled to The Dodo.

It was a little touch and go for a while, but fortunately, the chipmunk made a comeback. As Krissy shared, “I was like, ‘thank goodness, he’s gonna be okay’ because I was so worried about him.”

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

After a half-hour, the little chipmunk had gotten his fill of food and water and was able to be returned to the wild. But it wasn’t the last that Krissy saw of him. In fact, the little rodent sometimes circles back to say hello.

Krissy said, “I still see him and I know, I can tell which one he is because he always just kind of stops and looks at me now, and it’s like he can recognize me.”

You can check out the video in the clip below:

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