The Sheer Size Of This Graceful Ocean Creature Is Absolutely Insane

Giant manta rays are some of the most beautiful creatures in the ocean. They spend much of their time flapping their way through reefs and lagoons, occasionally making their way toward the surface, and even more rarely breaching the surface before returning to the water with a splash!

Growing up to 23ft wide, and weighing up to almost 3,000 pounds, these rays are both enormous and graceful. The giant manta ray also has an enormous habitat range and can be found almost anywhere in temperate ocean waters. And because of its size, there are very few natural predators, allowing these giants to simply mind their own business.

These rays can grow to truly enormous sizes — just like the one filmed by divers near Ayangue, Ecuador in this video. Being able to swim with one of these incredibly elegant creatures would be just a life-changing experience. Watch the video to check out this gigantic fish!

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