New Sea Cockroach That Looks Like Darth Vader Discovered By Scientists

The Daily Mail is reporting that a new creature was discovered in the depths of the Indian Ocean. That creature has now been identified as a “Sea cockroach.” The strange thing is, it looks like Darth Vader.

The creature was found in 2018 during a survey near the coast of Banten, Western Java, Indonesia. At the time, it became known as “Bathynomus raksasa” but it was still not fully identified. Scientists have now discovered it is actually a type of crustacean that is similar, although distantly related, to shrimp and crabs. It lives on the ocean floor and eats other marine creatures that have died.

“The discovery of a new species is a great achievement for a taxonomist, especially a spectacular species in terms of size and even the ecosystem where the species is found,” Cahyo Rahmadi of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences told the BBC.

The Marine survey had gone to depths of up to 2100 m. Some 12,000 different deep-sea creatures were collected during that time, according to the Daily Mail, “comprising 800 species in total, of which 12 were unrecorded.”

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