Endangered Giant Otter Triplets Born at U.K. Wildlife Park

Giant otters – native to South America – are classified as endangered on the IUCN Red List. Their numbers have dwindled due to factors including poaching, deforestation, overfishing, conflict with fishermen, and issues with hydroelectric dams. A new set of these otters was born recently at a wildlife park, though, which staff hopes will help contribute to conservation.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park in the United Kingdom announced last week that in late March, a set of triplets was born to parents Alexandra and Orimar, who also welcomed another litter last February. The newcomers are being monitored by experts on staff.

The park’s Aquatics Team Leader Kelsie Wood says, “We are overjoyed at welcoming a second litter of Giant Otters in such a short time. Giant otters don’t always breed easily and every birth is a significant and valuable one for the breeding programme.”

She adds that the oldest sibling among Alexandra and Orimar’s offspring has taken charge of the older set of triplets to help their mother focus on the new cubs.

Wood also believes these new additions will be good ambassadors of their species, explaining, “This second litter, which is the third time Alex has given birth, is testament to our commitment to the conservation of endangered species, and we believe these pups will inspire our visitors to learn more about these incredible animals.”


The wildlife park says, along with the park-based WildLife Foundation charity, they’re also working with conservation projects from the Instituto Araguaia in the Amazon to help protect the species, which only has an estimated population of 5,000 in the wild.

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