25-Foot-Tall Ganesh Sculpture Was Made Using 5 Tons Of Bananas

In Hinduism, the elephant-headed deity Ganesh is the god of prosperity, new beginnings, and wisdom.

His birth is celebrated during the 10-day Ganesh Chaturthi festival, and in the city of Sambalpur, which is located in Odisha, there is something extra special.

A group known as the Natraj Club have a tradition of honoring the Hindu god by creating large statues of him using different items.

Photo: Pixabay

Each year it’s something different, and each year it comes out impressive.

However, in 2017, the 11 member group created a 25-foot-tall statue of Ganesh using only bananas – roughly five tons of them!

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The project took an entire 75 days to put together, using only green and unripened bananas. But it wasn’t just the bananas used, the group also added detail using other natural items.

Photo: Facebook/Natraj Club

As Gopal Pansari, the art director of Natraj Club, shared with The New Indian Express, “While the ornaments and tilak for Lord were made of bamboo, we created the eyes by using banana leaves.”

Once the festival was over, the bananas were put to good use. By this time, they had turned yellow, meaning that they were ripe and ready to eat, therefore they were shared with the poor.

It is not uncommon for Ganesh figures to be crafted during the festival, using such materials as plastic or other non-biodegradable items. However, the Natraj Club has a policy of using only reusable or edible materials for their annual creations.

Photo: Facebook/Natraj Club

In years past they’ve been known to use items such as coconuts, sweet boondi ladoos, and conch shells.

Check out the banana Ganesh sculpture below:

Photo: Instagram/natraj_club

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