10 Photos Of Adorable Baby Elephants That Are Guaranteed To Make You Smile

Elephants are the largest land animals in the world — but their significant size doesn’t mean they’re not elegant, beautiful, and downright adorable creatures. These gentle giants are sensitive and smart. Sensible from trunk to tail, these great beauties feel the same emotions that humans do. Elephants feel love in the same manner as we do as well. In fact, they can recognize their emotions faster than humans can.

In addition to being graceful beasts, elephants are incredibly loyal. Dedicated to their clan, they will do everything they can to protect the ones they love the most.

The elephants featured in these photos are every bit as lovely and precious as they look. Enjoy these photos and be sure to share them with your loved ones!


Baby elephants must stick close to their mothers, since they don’t know much about the big world out there just yet. Seeing these cuties in the water following along behind their mamas makes our hearts melt!


What do you think about these two: best friends or siblings? It doesn’t even matter — we’re positively smitten with them!


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Look at this little one’s sweet face! It’s full of wonder. It’s clear that the world seems like a magical place to this little tyke.


All of us have been this baby elephant at some point! Everyone has been a bit of a klutz before. Maybe that’s what makes this clumsy cutie so relatable.


Beach day! Who doesn’t love splashing in the waves and playing in the sand? This baby is clearly having an epic day. His face in that last picture is just precious!


What a sneaky sweetie! Though he can’t quite fit inside of the tub, we just don’t have the heart to burst his bubble. He’s trying his best to hide from the camera.


Baby elephants seem like giant labradors; they just want to sit in your lap and get all the affection you can offer — and they have no concept of their own size! They remind us of huge dogs that still believe they’re puppies.


Oh my goodness! Just looking at this picture is enough to make us swoon. Those eyes!


This little one is trying to hitch a ride by way of piggyback! How adorable is that?


That was a close call! Our main takeaway from this image? Humans need to stay out of elephants’ habitats!

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