New Poll Suggests America’s Youth Is Turning To Gardening For Help With Mental Health And Mindfulness

Draper Tools conducted a poll of 2,000 young people, aged 18 – 34, to determine their interest in gardening. Since the lockdown, the hobby has surged in popularity among the youthful crowd, with 83% of participants describing gardening as ‘cool,’ and 54% expressing a preferred interest in going to a garden center over spending the night out at a club. Kev Smith, Head of Marketing at Draper Tools commented, “The popularity among young adults is fantastic to see, we knew it was popular, but even we were surprised by the outpouring of love for it.”

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The growing interest seems to have stemmed from an overall desire to improve mental health and mindfulness. Studies have proven time and time again that simply viewing nature, not to mention caring for living plants and tending to a garden of your own, has an immensely positive impact on mental well-being. In one Japanese study, “viewing plants altered EEG recordings and reduced stress, fear, anger and sadness, as well as reducing blood pressure, pulse rate and muscle tension.” Further, 56% of those polled highlighted gardening as one of the key things that “kept them going” during and after the pandemic.

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Although 60% of poll participants wish they had more access to outdoor spaces to expand their garden areas, 78% believe a large outdoor area isn’t necessary to experience the full benefits of gardening. With the kitchen windowsill marked as the favorite spot to grow indoor plants, the most popular houseplants grown by the polled participants are cacti, orchids, and aloe vera, followed by basil, spider plants, and peace lilies.

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Although the act of gardening and the joy of being surrounded by your beautiful plants is a strong pull for many, 66% of participants in the poll said they also highly enjoy shopping for their gardening items. Whether its new plants and seeds, or even more decorative items like hummingbird feeders or a butterfly house, the average person polled has spent over $300 on items for their ever-growing gardens. And 72% intend to continue investing in more plants, equipment, and whatever else they need to complete their green wonderland.

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