When These Seal Pups Get Ready For Their Check Up, They Do The Cutest Thing EVER!

They bark, they’re furry, they growl, and they are impossibly adorable. The Antarctic is home to a plethora of cold weather animals, but fur seal pups are undeniably the cutest things to inhabit the southernmost part of our globe.

Douglas Krause, along with a team from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrations Fisheries’ (NOAA) Antarctic Marine Living Resources Program (AMLR), is down in Cape Shirreff to research and monitor fur seals, their health, and the surrounding ecosystem.

The research consists of weighing 100 fur seal pups every 15 days, making sure the pups are getting enough food in order to remain healthy.

“If there were fewer krill for their mothers to forage for offshore, we might see a slower growth rate in the pups and we could pass that information on to the management bodies to essentially set regulations,” Krause said to National Geographic.

Hopefully for Krause and his team, the unbearable cuteness of their research subjects won’t cause them too much of a distraction.

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