From Feeding Homeless Animals to Removing Plastic from Our Oceans

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My name’s Mimi Ausland, I founded to help feed shelter pets in 2008 when I was 11. Since then, in partnership with GreaterGood, Freekibble has gone on to support animals in need with over $14 million of food, care, and funding. The Freekibble community has helped us donate food to thousands of animal shelters, fly pets to safety, treat injured or sick animals, reunite soldiers and their pets, rebuild shelters, and so much more. This is all possible because of people taking 30 seconds to answer a daily trivia question or help fund a cause. It’s pretty amazing how the dedication and compassion of our community have led to such real and meaningful impact.

I’m so excited to share, a new cause that addresses the very serious issue of plastic pollution – which is something that’s affecting all of us, our planet, and marine animals (over a million die each year from this pollution). Similar to Freekibble, Free the Ocean is a ‘click-to-give’ site with a daily trivia question (ocean-related, educational, entertaining). Every time someone answers the trivia, we fund the removal of one piece of plastic from the ocean/coastlines. In the process, we hope to bring awareness and inspire people to change their behavior when it comes to using plastic.

100% of the ad revenue generated on Free the Ocean goes toward removing plastic, through the funding of our cause partner, Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii. They’re an amazing organization hard at work protecting treasured coastlines by removing plastic and educating the next generation on how to create a world without waste.

My dream is to grow Free the Ocean into a global community of people who feel empowered by being a part of it. I believe the community that we’re creating, along with all the other communities of people who care about this issue, will have the power to create real change and stop plastic pollution at the source.

Mimi with CEO of Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii / Rafael Bergstrom

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I hope that all of you, who have been so amazing in your support of Freekibble and The Animal Rescue Site, will support Free the Ocean as well. A lot of small actions create big impact and I believe we can make a real difference on this issue – and have some fun along the way!

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