He Didn’t Recognize This Animal Walking Around His Backyard. Screamed When He Got A Closer Look

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There’s something scaring the deer in the forests of New Jersey.

It isn’t a Mothman. It isn’t the devil of the Pine Barrens. If you look closely enough, it isn’t even that scary. But after a man saw the strange creature clomping through Colts Neck, he called the Monmouth County SPCA to investigate.

Even they were surprised by the man’s description of the animal. If he was telling the truth, it was a shacking sight, to be sure. But he told officials just what he saw: a deer that seemed to have its head stuck in a glass bowl.

Sadly, because of this “handicap,” the deer’s herd abandoned it. Now it wanders the forest alone.

Source: American Web Media
Source: American Web Media

Monmouth County SPCA agents went to investigate the bizarre beast. The Humane Law Enforcement and Animal Control division was sent out, and eventually found the deer. It seems it had gotten its head stuck in an old light fixture that someone had thrown into the woods, likely not knowing where it would end up.

The rescuers were able to sedate the deer and remove the glass globe. They inferred that it was likely filled with water at one point. When the deer bent down to drink rainwater out of the vessel, its head became stuck.

Source: American Web Media
Source: American Web Media

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The rescue team saved the deer’s life over a cool Easter weekend in Colts Neck, but it took some effort, as the deer was initially uncooperative. The MCSPCA was joined by workers from the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife and Humane Law Enforcement in helping the animal.

White-tailed deer typically travel in herds, so it was strange seeing the animal all alone.

“Certain species will treat members as outcasts if they look different or are injured so not to invite predators or disrupt the integrity of the herd,” the MCSPCA website states.

After the glass bowl was removed from the deer’s head, officials also tagged the animals so they could track his future movements.

Source: American Web Media
Source: American Web Media

While helping the deer, rescue workers noticed it was wounded, likely from not being able to see that well through the glass.

Once the sedatives wore off, the deer was back up on its feet, and wandered of into the woods. But, a short while later, MCSPCA received a call from a Colts Neck homeowner who said the saw the deer laying down, struggling to breathe.

Vet tech Deann Bowen was sent out to administer 600 ml of fluids to the dying deer.

“After we administered the fluids, his head perked right up, and after a few minutes his breathing returned to normal,” Bowen said.

It worked after all. And thankfully, this time without its horrifying helmet, the deer was welcomed back into its herd.

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