BREAKING NEWS: France Bans Plastic Cups and Plastic Plates

France just became the first country in the world to ban the use of plastic cups and plastic plates. Last year, France adopted the Energy Transition for Green Growth Act, a law aimed to combat climate change and the affects of climate change in France — in which the banning of plastic cups and plates will act as an additional measure to move towards a more “green” nation.

According to the French Association of Health and Environment, ASEF, nearly 5 billion plastic cups were thrown away in 2015 and less than 1% of those discarded plastic cups were recycled! French legislators hope to combat the senseless pollution by requiring all single-use tableware items to be compostable. The new compostable tableware will be made from 50% biologically-sourced materials by 2020 and will be raised to 60% biologically-sourced materials by 2025.

Do your part and help reduce plastic pollution. Sign this petition to ban the use of plastic grocery bags!

Learn more about France’s ban in the video below!

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