A Tiny Fox Kit Discovers That He Is A Little Too Big To Fit Through Some Fence Links

When this poor fox kit tried to wriggle through a fence, he learned a very important lesson: he’s too big to wriggle through fences. And since the fence was already hidden behind a shed, he was lucky that anyone found him at all!

Conservationist and wildlife rescuer Simon Cowell came to the rescue yet again, this time bringing his handy head-mounted GoPro so everyone can see exactly how he manages to help out one of the cutest little creatures around.

In order to get the tiny fox out of his newfound prison, Cowell is forced to cut some of the fence links, but once some extra space is made, the fox can finally start making his way back to his family.

The result is one of the most adorable rescue videos on the internet. Watch the video to see this baby fox’s rescue!

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