Wild Fox Befriends Cat In Adorable Viral Video

Cats and foxes seem like two of the same, but it’s rare that we see them interact.

They’re both sly and cunning, playful and adorable. Yet, they’re different species and they likely rarely cross paths in a meaningful way.

Photo: Instagram/@aliihsanozturk.65

However, a wildlife photographer managed to capture a sweet exchange between the two animals and you have to see it to believe it.

Turkish wildlife photographer Ali ihsan Öztürk (@aliihsanozturk.65) shared a video of a cat and a fox hanging out on Instagram and it’s really something special.

Photo: Instagram/@aliihsanozturk.65

He captioned the post (translated): “Fox and cat’s friendship. I couldn’t believe even while taking the picture. what a beautiful friendship.”

In the video, you can see the cat come up behind the fox and nuzzle the wild animal. Surprisingly, the fox didn’t seem to mind one bit and took it as an invitation for friendship!

Photo: Instagram/@aliihsanozturk.65

The two animals continued to nuzzle each other in a playful way. It’s easy to see why Ali was so surprised to witness it!

You can see the unique and beautiful exchange for yourself in the video below:

You can see more of Ali’s work on Instagram, @aliihsanozturk.65.

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