When They Found This Fox They Realized He Could Have Been Saved With One Simple Solution

Always remember to crush your cans, and recycle them! Not only will you be helping out wild animals but it’s good for the environment to recycle all metal and plastic materials no longer in use.

If you don’t, little critters like this poor fox kit can easily get their tiny heads stuck in them — and there isn’t always someone to set them free.

Thankfully for this little guy, a friendly neighbor got ahold of Wildlife Aid Foundation’s Simon Cowell, who was more than happy to set him free! If have heard of Simon Cowell, he is used to helping creatures in urban areas from litter and pollution.

Thank you, Mr. Cowell! Without you, far too many animals would have fallen to the dangers of litter and pollution. So please act responsibly and probably dispose and/or recycle your waste!

Check out this adorable fox’s rescue — check out the video below.

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