More Fires Start On This Day Than Any Other, Are You Prepared?

Fireworks are an Independence Day staple in the United States. As pretty as they are, fireworks don’t come without their own set of risks and safety concerns for both yourself and the environment. Did you know that more fires start on the Fourth of July than any other day of the year, and half are caused by fireworks? With the holiday fast approaching, are you prepared?

Stay safe this Independence Day with these tips!

Be Aware Of Fire Bans

Burn bans exist for a reason. Pay attention to them. A burn ban in your area means that the conditions are more likely for a fire to develop, and that anything that could produce a fire should be avoided. Depending on the level of the ban, this may include outdoor fires, fireworks, and grilling. Check for a possible ban in your area before you start any cookouts, bonfires, or light off any fireworks. Keep the environment, animals, and other people safe.

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Keep Anything Flammable Away

This seems like common sense, but you would be surprised at just how many risks there are around your yard and house. Make sure your gutters are clear from any leaves and debris in case a random spark ends up falling there and catching fire. Remove any dry sticks or leaves from your yard before you set off any fireworks or start a bonfire. Dry debris littered across the yard can cause a wildfire to spread rapidly.

Make Sure It’s Legal

Depending on where you live, fireworks may be illegal for consumers to purchase and light off. Make sure to check your local laws before beginning any fireworks celebrations.

Prepare Yourself

Always keep a bucket of water and a fire extinguisher nearby whenever you are doing any fire-related activities. Wetting the grass around a fire or where fireworks will be lit off is a good precaution. Follow other fire safety tips in order to protect yourself, your house, and the environment around you when dealing with fire and fireworks.

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Leave It To The Pros

The safest way to enjoy Independence Day is to enjoy a fireworks display that is put on by professionals. They are trained on how to handle fireworks, and have the proper equipment and materials to deal with them if something goes wrong.

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Be safe this Fourth of July!

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