7 Foods That Are Wreaking Havoc On The Environment

3. Cheese

This one is a real bummer! Cheese is delicious, but it’s less than great for the environment. The process of shipping cheese has a huge impact on its carbon emissions. Eating about two pounds of cheese is the equivalent of driving your car 31 miles.

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock/Yeko Photo Studio
Photo Credit: Adobe Stock/Yeko Photo Studio

And if you’re thinking, “but two pounds is a lot of cheese!” I’ve got one word for you: nachos.

4. Pork

Unless you were living under a rock for the past decade, you know that bacon was really having a moment. Sure, if you like meat, bacon is delicious, but people were taking it to a while new level. And, unfortunately, no one was taking into account the environmental impact pork product has on the environment.

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock/jodie777
Photo Credit: Adobe Stock/jodie777

Emissions from producing the meat, transporting it, and cooking it at home are high, and eating 2.2 pounds of pork releases 26.7 pounds of carbon dioxide. That’s the equivalent of driving your car 28 miles.

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5. Farmed Salmon

We’ve heard some less than stellar reviews of the health benefits of consuming farmed salmon lately. However, that may not be the only thing that persuades you to opt out of consuming the farmed version of this fatty fish.

Unfortunately, a lot of energy goes into farming salmon.

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock/nblxer
Photo Credit: Adobe Stock/nblxer

Eating 2.2 pounds of farmed salmon is the equivalent of driving your car more than 25 miles!

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