7 Foods That Are Wreaking Havoc On The Environment

Many of us are already taking steps in our daily lives to decrease our carbon footprints. We’ve stopped purchasing plastic water bottles and have opted for a reusable bottle instead (bonus: we’re all having an easier time staying hydrated!).

We’ve started to recycle and say, “no, thank you” to paper and plastic because we bring our reusable totes to the grocery store. Some of us have joined a car pool or opted for public transportation, and we’ve all started to pass on straws and come up with creative alternatives to single use plastics.

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock/Katrina Brown
Photo Credit: Adobe Stock/Katrina Brown

But what about what we eat? There are definitely some changes we can make there, as well. And while our appetites don’t necessarily take the environment into account when telling us what we’re craving, you might be surprised by how many of our favorite foods are leaving a super-sized carbon footprint.

Let’s take a look at which foods are wreaking the most havoc on the environment, as well as what we can do to improve!

Source: “Meat Eater’s Guide to climate change + health.”

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1. Lamb

Most of the lamb consumed by Americans is imported. Between shipping emissions, the lamb’s emissions (their feed and waste), and the emissions produced by maintaining a farm, eating just over two pounds of lamb meat is the equivalent of driving your car more than 90 miles!

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock/heebyj
Photo Credit: Adobe Stock/heebyj

2. Beef

While much of our beef is produced in the United States, it’s still leaving a hefty carbon footprint–largely because cows are gassy (no pun intended). Methane gas emissions are a significant contributor to global warming.

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock/AF
Photo Credit: Adobe Stock/AF

Eating the same serving size of beef is the equivalent of driving your car 63 miles.

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