Run Precious Panthers, You’re FREE!

Just thirty-five years ago, there were only about thirty Florida panthers in existence. However, thanks to the hard work of wildlife conservationists, their population is up to nearly 160!

Part of that effort involves tracking down and caring for orphaned panthers, then releasing them into the wild.

Back in 2011, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) were able to capture two five-month old kittens after their mother had tragically died. FWC brought the kittens to White Oak Conservation Center where they were reared and prepared for survival in the wild. Had these organizations not intervened, the kittens would not have survived on their own.

Two years later, the FWC released the young panthers back into their natural habitat. Watch the video to see the incredible release!

Despite their recent uptick in numbers, Florida panther populations are still at dangerously low levels — and this is mostly due to their rapidly decreasing habitat.

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