Beloved Eagle Pair Return To Nesting Site To Rebuild After Hurricane Ian

A beloved Florida eagle pair has been spotted at their old nesting site amidst the destruction of Hurricane Ian.

Hurricane Ian has been devastating to the state of Florida and the Fort Meyers area was hit hard. Flooding, power loss, downed trees, and high winds wreaked havoc on homes, businesses, roads, and wildlife.

Photo: flickr/South Florida Water Management District

Among the wildlife affected by the storm was the beloved eagle pair that’s closely monitored by the Southwest Florida Eagle Cameras (SWFEC).

The livestream cameras were damaged during the hurricane, leaving viewers and fans of the eagles unsure what became of them.

Photo: flickr/Mr.TinMD

However, on Saturday, SWFEC was thrilled to announce on Facebook that its eagle pair had returned and was already starting to rebuild.

They wrote: “Our beloved Eagle pair have returned & already started the process of rebuilding in their original nest tree!”

They added, “Resilience is prevalent in every species. I hope this picture gives you the same strength and hope it’s given us. We will overcome this and rebuild our cherished community/home together.”

Prior to that announcement, it was unclear what the fate of the eagles would be.

On September 29th, SWFEC posted the devestating news on Facebook that while the tree the eagles nested in was still standing after Hurricane Ian, the cameras and nest were nowhere to be found.

They wrote: “The nest tree is still standing but unfortunately the actual nest & cameras are no longer. Waiting for the Eagles to return and hopefully rebuild. We will update everyone when we know more.”

Thankfully, it was just two days later that they were able to share the update that the eagles had returned.

According to WPTV, the Southwest Eagle Camera has received thousands of visits per month since it was created over a decade ago, with a spike in visits during nesting seasons.


SWFEC features a look from three cameras that capture the nest and its surrounding areas from different angles. The cameras are environmentally friendly and non-intrusive, so viewers can enjoy the full scope of the nest and its activity without disrupting wildlife.

While the cameras are still offline at the time of writing this, you can watch the Southwest Florida Eagle Cameras live here when they’re back up and running!

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