Predatory Flatworm Devours Snails

When you think of the most beautiful animals in the world you likely conjure up images of the big cats: gracefully sprinting across an expanse of land, or affectionally caring for their adorable young. Or, perhaps you imagine the colorful feathers of a hummingbird–delicately floating around from flower to flower. Or maybe you’re a fan of the powerful beauty exemplified by the great grizzly bear…

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock/William Berry
Photo Credit: Adobe Stock/William Berry

Whatever animal you think encapsulates beauty, we get it. Animals are awesome and beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

That being said, we feel there’s one animal that is a bit less likely to make anyone’s top 5: the flatworm.

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock/wichatsurin
Photo Credit: Adobe Stock/wichatsurin

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These predatory worms definitely aren’t taking home any trophies in an animal beauty contests anytime soon. They’re slimy, their colors typically range from a brownish-gray to a greenish-gray, and well, they’re just pretty creepy looking.

Oh, and if you think they might take home the congeniality prize, they’re actually cannibals, which in our book, is grounds for immediate disqualification.

Photo Credit: YouTube
Photo Credit: YouTube

However, just because they’re prone to eating their own kind doesn’t mean they discriminate against other species.

In the video below you’ll get the opportunity to see a predatory flatworm hunting… snails! It’s pretty creepy and totally bizarre.

We hope you… enjoy?

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