Want To Learn How To Dance? These Flamingos Have Some Perfectly Synchronized Moves!

The Andes mountains are home to some incredible but treacherous terrain, which begets some beautiful and diverse wildlife. Flamingos are a big part of the Andean ecosystem and when they can find a secluded location all to themselves, they begin an amazingly synchronized mating ritual.

These Chilean flamingos perform this incredible dance in order to attract a mate. By coming together in a group, they move in perfect harmony much like a school of fish or a flock of flying starlings.

Mating rituals of flamingos are totally monogamous, meaning they will only mate with one single flamingo for the full year. When the year is over, they get “divorced,” dance some more, find a mutually agreed upon partner, and start up a new “marriage.”

But in order to find the perfect mate, you have to perfect your dance moves.

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