These Fish Risk Their Lives To Make Sure Their Children Are Born!

The Gulf of California is home to a species of grunion who have a, well, interesting breeding technique. Rather than perpetuating their family tree underwater, these gutsy fish lay their eggs ON LAND!

As you’ll see in the video, the grunion wiggle their way up the beach, meet their mate, and once their fertilized eggs are buried in the wet sand. But why do they choose to lay their eggs on land? They do this to protect their eggs from any aquatic predators — in doing so, they adult grunions expose themselves to predators on land. The grunions are intensely focused on the well-being of their young and will subject themselves to danger to insure the safety of the next generation. Now those are truly dedicated parents!

Once they are finished, the grunions head back to the deep blue sea. In two weeks, the tide will return to this height again — this is when the grunion eggs hatch and their journey begins.

Watch this incredible ritual!

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